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News aus Island

New Restroom Facility by Dettifoss

Dettifoss. A new restroom facility is being built on the west side of Dettifoss waterfall.

Sweet Tidings from Icelandic Chocolate Factory

The packaging is colorful. Icelandic chocolate manufacturer Omnom has sweet tidings to report, following coverage on Netflix.

Record Number of Coronavirus Tests Possible Today

People waiting in line to be tested for the coronavirus. In response to a sudden increase in the number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iceland in the past days, health clinics in the capital area will likely be testing a record number of people for the coronavirus today.

Snow-Covered Siglufjörður Surprises Residents

Siglufjörður, dressed in white this morning. The residents of Siglufjörður, North Iceland, woke up to a surprise this morning.

Masks Required in Secondary Schools and Universities

Reykjavík University. As a result of a sudden surge in the number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iceland in recent days, the use of masks is as of today required in all secondary schools and universities in the capital area.

Waves Send Rocks Rolling in Reykjavík: Video

High waves along Eiðsgrandi road, Reykjavík. High waves hit the shore in the westernmost part of Reykjavík Saturday night, throwing large rocks from the breakwater onto the bike trail and damaging it.

Ready for 50-Day Horseback Riding Adventure

Bjarni Páll Vilhjálmsson. Bjarni Páll Vilhjálmsson, who runs an equestrian tourism business at Saltvík farm, near Húsavík, North Iceland, is planning to offer a 50-day tour on horseback around Iceland next summer..

Glacier Returns Fragments of Flying Fortress

Pieces from the wreck on Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Debris from an American B-17 Flying Fortress bomber that crashed into Eyjafjallajökull glacier during World War II is gradually coming to light as the glacier recedes.

Icelandair’s Public Offering Great Success

Icelandair Group?s public share offering successfully concluded yesterday afternoon.

Pubs and Nightclubs in Capital Area Closed this Weekend

Pubs and nightclubs in Reykjavík and vicinity will be closed for four days, September 18 through 21.